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Active Transportation and COVID-19: Walking and Bicycling to School and Travel Options

The GA SRTS Resource Center team has updated resources that will help your families get safely to and from school in the fall.  These resources focus on ways to make the last mile of the commute safer and fun while reducing car line traffic.  Walking and bicycling (while maintaining social distancing) are considered safe and healthy means of transportation and activity.

Health and safety are top of mind for schools and parents. Planning and communications should consider all modes by which Georgia’s children travel to and from school including walking and bicycling. Some of the questions below may be answered with Safe Routes to School resources and strategies.

  • What changes are needed to make the routes to and from your school safer?
  • Will on-campus policy changes affect how students get to and from school?
  • Can students be dropped at a nearby park or business and walk from there?
  • Can some students walk or ride bicycles from neighborhoods nearby? 
  • Are there ways to reduce the car/pedestrian/bike interaction? 
  • Have you assessed your school’s arrival and dismissal procedures?
  • Can families form walking school buses and bike trains? 

Reach out to your School Outreach Coordinator for help.To request in-person support from a SRTS Coordinator, please complete this form.

Active Transportation: The last mile to school.   Generally, students are physically able to walk and bike the distance – but there may be safety concerns and barriers.  Below are resources to aid you in looking at infrastructure, behaviors, and school procedures. You’ll also find ideas to make the commute to school healthy, safe, and fun. 

Need assistance?  Call your area’s School Outreach Coordinator for ideas and/or help.

Area Walkability 

Strap on your sneakers and/or bicycle helmet and observe the environment around the school.  Ask for vegetation to be trimmed, sidewalks and crosswalks to be repaired, pedestrian signal buttons to be automated (so you don’t have to push) or fixed, crossing times at lights to be extended, and safe crossings to be installed.  Revisit your school’s arrival and dismissal procedures – Should walkers leave earlier or later than cars?  Would arriving and leaving through another door decrease vehicle interaction?


What are the best walk and bicycle routes to and from school?  Where should students enter the school?  Map the way.  Check out Carrollton City Schools Route Map with Park and Walk locations Here.

Safety  Pedestrian, bicyclist, crossing guard, and driver safety all work together to keep our students safe. 

Communication  Let your Teachers, Students, Parents, Bus Drivers, and Law Enforcement know about your plans.  Share on your website, social media, back-to-school announcements.  Set up an Active Transportation table at your open house to share maps and plans.  Your School Outreach Coordinator can help.