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How Does Georgia's Program Work?

Funded by the Federal Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, Georgia's SRTS program is designed to encourage more kids to walk and bike to school safely. Program activities and funding is for projects with a 2-mile radius of primary and middle schools (grades K-8). Two types of services support the goals of making it safer for kids to walk and bike to school; and to encourage more kids to do so:

  • Funding to local governments to improve the walking and bicycling conditions to schools; and
  • Support for school-based Safe Routes to School programs through partnerships with the Resource Center.

Within these two types of services, the Safe Routes to School Program is organized around 5 ideas – also called the 5 Es:

  • Engineering: Making the environment safer for walking and bicycling
  • Encouragement: Encouraging kids to walk and bike
  • Education: Teaching kids and parents safe ways to walk and bike
  • Evaluation: Checking to see how many kids are walking and biking as a result of the program
  • Enforcement: Changing driver, walker and bicyclist behavior as they travel together along the road