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Local Happenings

Is there an event coming up at your school that promotes walking, biking, or traffic safety? Does your community have a program that aims to reduce air pollution and enhance the natural environment? If you are aware of an event or program like these we want to know about it! Use this form to tell us about local events or programs that should be mentioned on this site. We would like to help promote your Safe Routes to School efforts on our Calendar and news stories.

Describe your event or program in 3-4 sentences in the box above.

If you are submitting information on an event (one-time or recurring) please indicate the date (or date range) in the box above.

Please describe where your event takes place.  You don't need to be too specific, just include the name of the school, community or school district name as applicable in the box above.

If your event is not associated with a school, type in the name of your organization, agency, etc. in the box above.

We want to help you promote your event and/or program. If for some reason you would prefer that we not publish your event on our calendar or in our news stories, please let us know. If you skip this question we will assume that you permit us to post your event or program on the website.

Please note, some submitted events may not be published on the calendar. If you have any questions about posting events to the calendar, please contact us.

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