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Meet the Spokeskids

Shelby Hi, my name is Shelby Lynne, but most people just call me Shelby. My family lives in Athens, the one in Georgia, not Greece. I just started the third grade, and I ride my bike to school every day, wearing my green helmet (my favorite color). My dad rides with me, and I make him wear his helmet, too! Rosie Hi! My name is Rosie. I live in Atlanta now, but I used to live in Jasper before my mom got a new job. This year I'm in second grade. My mom and some of the other mothers in our neighborhood trade off walking with us to school – we call it a walking school bus. I can't ride a bike yet, but my Dad says that I learn how to ride when I'm in fourth grade.
Travis Hey, I'm Travis, I live in Waycross. Kindergarten is really cool. Now that I'm at the big school, I get to walk to school with my brother Toby and my mom. Our mom works at the school office. Sometimes mom takes us to the park or lets us go play at our neighbors' house on our way home from school. Sam Hello, I'm Sam and I live in Savannah. I'm excited to be a fifth grader this year because we are the oldest kids at our school. We live a few blocks from the school and even though I use a wheelchair, I can get there on my own because there are sidewalks and ramps.