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Safe Routes Champion of the Year (2020)

Submissions for this form are closed.


Each school year, the Resource Center recognizes one SRTS Champion in each outreach region that has achieved great success in establishing or building a SRTS program during the school year. 

If you are ready to nominate your SRTS Champion, use this google form or email your SOC. All nominations are due Friday, April 17th. 

And we get it. Covid-19 is throwing us all for a loop! But please consider taking the time to remember the good work your SRTS Champion has done (and continues to do) for safe routes to your school(s), and nominate him/her. 

See past year's Champions at this link.

A SRTS Champion is a person that plays an important role in the implementation of Safe Routes to School programs at your school(s) and in your community.

If you know of a school SRTS Champion in your community that leads a great SRTS program, take a few minutes. One person will be selected in each Georgia SRTS Program Outreach Regions.

Champions will be selected based on their success with the SRTS program. Success is measured in many ways, and we’ll be looking for all types of SRTS success including

  • Growing the number of SRTS activities and number of students walking and/or biking to school
  • Creatively implementing new and improved SRTS initiatives
  • Enthusiastically increasing SRTS awareness within the community
  • Developing partnerships for the benefit of walking/biking students and the school’s SRTS initiatives
  • Starting a new or reviving an existing SRTS program

Champions may be nominated multiple times by multiple people, so be sure to spread the word. (But number of nominations does not guarantee the award.) If you wish to nominate more than one Champion, refresh the page after submitting your first nomination. Not sure if your nomination was received? Email your School Outreach Coordinator (SOC), and we’ll let you know!

All nominations are due Friday, April 17, 2020.