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Tips & Tools

The Way To series is designed to offer quick and easy information to help with your SRTS program and events. 

Print out as few or as many of the Way To Tip Sheets as you need. Share them with others involved in your school’s SRTS program or use them to encourage folks to participate.

Planning and Hosting SRTS Events

Way To: Plan and Promote Your Walk or Bike to School Event
Way To: Walk to School Safely
Way To: Include Students When It’s Too Far or Unsafe
Way To: Keep the Momentum Going
Way To: Walk and Bike to School Event Materials
Way To: Spice Up A Walk or Bike to School Event

Education and Encouragement

Way To: Organize a Walking School Bus
Way To: Organize a Bicycle Train

Planning an SRTS Program

If you are looking for guidance on starting a Safe Routes to School program at your school, check out our Planning Guide by clicking here.

Data Collection Tools

Way To: Conduct a Walk Audit

Walkability Checklist

Middle School Walk Audit Tool: Want to engage your middle school students?  Share this Walk Audit toolkit with your middle school students and be prepared to join in on a walk audit. The toolkit was designed in consultation with students from Floyd Middle School (Mableton) and should inspire them to take the lead on a improving walking conditions around your school.

Evaluation Tools

Safe Routes to School programs enable and encourage more children to safely walk and bicycle to school. In order to know the impact of programs across Georgia, we ask that School Partners provide student transportation data TWICE per year and/or when you hold walk or bike to school day events that impact transportation options. It is easy to provide transportation data via our simple SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION SURVEY. 

If you want to continue to provide data the way it has been collected in past years, Partner schools may complete in-classroom student tallies and the parent survey at least once a year. Bronze Level Partners must complete the in-classroom tally twice the first year – as an initial program activity and six months later to assess the impact of subsequent program activities.
Here are the steps to take:

  1. Organize the data collection:
  2. Download the forms, reproduce and distribute. The forms and instructions are below.
    • Determine who is going to coordinate each activity.
    • Identify potential dates for doing the in-classroom student tallies and the parent survey.
    • Gain the school’s concurrence on the overall process and the dates.
    • Prepare any needed information to send to teachers and parents.
  3. Collect the forms.
  4. Return the completed forms to your School Outreach Coordinator once you have complete the data sheets to process the forms.  Your SOC will let you know when the results are ready for to view and use.
  5. Review the results and determine how the results will impact your SRTS program.


Video: How to Collect Student Tallies (6.5 minutes video) on Vimeo.

Way To: Conduct Student Travel Tallies


Funding Resources

Contact you School Outreach Coordinator for information about funding and support. At this time, the Georgia Department of Transportation does not have Safe Routes to School grant funding for SRTS projects. However, there may be other resources available. 

Student Tallies Data Collection Sheet (developed by the National Center for Safe Routes to School)
Parent Surveys Data Collection Sheet (developed by the National Center for Safe Routes to School)